Coronavirus update: HK jumps

Guangdong added 12 new COVID-19 cases yesterday, all imported from overseas, nine of which were in Guangzhou, and one each in Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Zhanjiang. One case was discharged. Among the 111 cases still in hospital (98 imported), 12 were light, 80 normal, 2 severe, and 7 critical, according to the Guangdong Health Commission.

Hong Kong confirmed 65 new cases today, its highest ever in one day, taking the city’s total number to 518 (111 discharged), according to the Centre for Health Protection. Among the new cases, 41 had a history of recent travel, including 14 students who returned from overseas.

Across the rest of the country, 54 new imported cases were reported (17 in Shanghai), and one local case (in Zhejiang), according to the National Health Commission.

Related news from China:

  1. President Xi Jinping has spoken to US President Donald Trump, calling for cooperation to contain the coronavirus pandemic, in an attempt to ease tensions following weeks of finger pointing, including at the United Nations. SCMP.
  2. Guangdong has announced a mandatory 14-day quarantine and nucleic acid test for all arrivals at its borders, which started at 6am today. MDN. The announcement came at 9pm last night, resulting in chaos at Macau’s border points as locals living in Zhuhai and mainlanders living in Macau rushed to beat the deadline. MI.
  3. The Central Government has announced a temporary suspension of entry for all foreigners holding valid Chinese visas or residence permits, which starts at midnight. FMPRC
  4. A study from China published in Lancet suggests young children are mostly mild to asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus. Most of the cases studied took up to 10 days to start showing symptoms, and their immune systems seem better able to prevent the virus from spreading to their lungs. Bloomberg.
  5. A Caixin team has interviewed people lining up outside funeral homes in Wuhan this week to collect ashes of their deceased relatives for burial. Photos of urns piled in trucks by the thousands have raised concern of whether the official coronavirus death count from Wuhan (2,532) is true. Caixin.
  6. It’s not only in the US or UK that racism is surging over the coronavirus. China is awash in anti-foreigner sentiment as businesses put up “no foreigners” notices, regardless of their green-color status on the country’s health-monitoring apps. Sixthtone.
  7. Traditional Chinese Medicine has proved effective in battling Covid-19, yet it has not been easy for practitioners to convince people of its effectiveness. Sixthtone.
  8. The Shenzhen-based biotech company that made Covid-19 rapid test kits which a Spanish research institute found were not accurate enough says it will replace all the orders it sent to Spain. SCMP.

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