Zhuhai opens to HK, Macau drivers with hukou

Another measure unveiled in recent days to spur headlines about the HZMB, if not traffic, has come with the announcement by Zhuhai that it will accept applications for temporary driver’s licenses from Hong Kong and Macau citizens. There is just one catch (there always is): it is only for those who already have residence permits for the mainland.

We can almost hear the groans from car owners looking forward to road-tripping across the bridge to the more picturesque side of the Bay. Don’t worry, once Zhuhai gets serious about letting you in, we will let you know. This is the way it works on the mainland. Inch by inch.

Meanwhile, it’s been a year since the bridge opened. It hasn’t lived up to its potential, yet. But there is still much to look forward to, as long as taxpayers are prepared to write off and forgive. We take a look at the pros and cons of it on our website.

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