Zhuhai district wants curbs on WeChat after work

Authorities in the Xiangzhou district of Zhuhai are considering a novel way to get people spending more time facing each other rather than their phones. They have proposed asking WeChat to ban messages from being sent to WeChat “working groups” during non-working hours.

According to the SCMP report, the proposal also suggests that workers should not randomly send messages or post emojis in the WeChat group unless it is related to important new information about the project.

The discussion went viral on the internet and struck a chord with Chinese netizens, most of whom said they were dealing with the same problem.

The ubiquitous WeChat has amassed 1 billion users since its launch eight years ago. The messaging app has come to dominate Chinese people’s daily lives by offering all sorts of conveniences from payment to travel to even file for divorce at the civil affairs authority.

Chinese employees, who have never really got acquainted with email, prefer to use WeChat on a computer where they can share assignments and contents or conduct group video conferences.

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