Top 100 in Nansha back to work

No new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Guangzhou’s Nansha district for 14 days, the district government has announced, and all of its top 100 enterprises are 100% back to work.

Nansha has apparently taken a tech-intensive approach to fighting the outbreak.  Using smart city apps running on blockchain platforms, the district was quick to respond to the crisis, establishing a thorough epidemic prevention and control system. This provided real-time access to the data of each district government department, together with relevant data from the city government, helping companies to cooperate more closely in fighting the outbreak and then resuming normal business activities.

A total of 2,544 enterprises in the district declared their status on the resumption filing system, and more than 90% companies completed filing on the declared day. 

In addition, Nansha also took the lead in conducting remote trials, arranging 29 remote video sessions and mediations; using infrared thermometer in major commercial squares, communities (villages) and enterprises.

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