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Huawei to host biggest-ever developer conference

Shenzhen-based Huawei Technologies announced that it will hold its annual developer conference from August 9 to 11 in Dongguan, which is home to the tech giant’s research and development center. 

Approximately 1,500 partners and 5,000 developers from around the world will participate in the event, which is expected to be its largest-ever developer conference, reports China Daily.

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Inside Huawei’s efforts to build an OS

SCMP has an interesting read out today – an exclusive look inside the efforts of Huawei to develop its own operating system (OS) so that it doesn’t have to depend on US technology now that Google and Microsoft have been barred from supplying it.

The new OS is supposed to be ready after the summer, but it is unclear yet whether it can meet the biggest challenge: letting apps designed for Android run on it.

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