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Guangzhou to add high-speed railways

Guangzhou will add six high-speed railway lines to its network, which will connect to, but are different from, the existing Intercity and Metro lines. According to Guangzhou Transport Planning Research, two are already being constructed and will run between the capital’s CBD area and Nansha, at its southern tip, at speeds of 160 km/h. A third is just started, which will connect to Foshan, also at 160 km/h. The three others, however, are still being planned. They will run northwards and travel at 250 km/h. They are awaiting approval as part of the GBA Intercity Railway Construction Plan.

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Guangzhou to build AI hub, with ferries, in Pazhou

Just when you thought the Greater Bay Area couldn’t possibly squeeze in another special zone for the development of artificial intelligence, Guangzhou announces one of its own. Only this one comes with a ferry terminal and is situated right in the middle of the capital city, next to the home of the world’s biggest trade fair.

OK, so it’s not precisely in the middle of the city. Guangzhou is a big place, home to 14 million people and counting. Pazhou, to the southeast of the Haizhu district, is on the other side of the river from Zhujiang New Town and the Guangzhou International Finance Center. But as the city’s master planners describe it, the three form a “golden triangle in Guangzhou’s CBD development”. In any case, the Pazhou Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Experimental Zone has been approved and construction is under way.

Yang Xiaohui, Pazhou’s party secretary, said the new ferry terminal will be completed by next year’s Autumn session of the Canton Fair (October). Its main advantage will be as a connection option for passengers coming in and out of the Hong Kong International airport, which has no plans to connect anytime soon to the province’s high-speed railway network. An airport journey will take only two hours, port to port, and will offer check-in and entry/exit services.

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