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RoboTaxi venture reshuffles in Guangzhou

The world of autonomous vehicles just got a lot more interesting. Well-financed startup WeRide, which recently secured the majority of autonomous-vehicle licenses in Guangzhou, has formed a new joint venture to launch “RoboTaxis” in the provincial capital – possibly by as soon as next year.

What’s most interesting about the announcement is that it seems WeRide is, to use horseracing parlance, “changing jockeys in the middle of a race”. It had announced last September that it would launch the RoboTaxi service together with Baiyun Taxi, which has a fleet of more than 10,000 cars, and Guangzhou Auto Corp., the country’s second-biggest carmaker. In the latest announcement, there is no mention of GAC. Instead, the third partner of the JV is a state-owned company known for developing industrial parks, SCI (Guangzhou) Group. 

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Shenzhen metro to go driverless

Shenzhen is going auto. In the next phase of its subway construction, trains will be run on a combination of 5G and AI, enabling autonomous driving. Linked by “smart stations” the entire subway network will be run by algorithms.

The system is being developed by CASCO, a company founded by China Railway Signal and Communication Corporation, headquartered in Shanghai, where it has already been adopted. It is apparently fully comprehensive, covering scheduling anf movement of the trains, cleaning and maintenance, door operations, air conditioning, lighting, and, the all-important one, “malfunction prevention and solutions”. Passenger flows will, of course, be monitored constantly and catered to.

Shenzhen’s subway is in its third phase of construction, which will be completed by next year, with 12 lines in total. The unmanned control system will be adopted in the fourth phase, with the addition of four lines.

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Sneak peek at Shenzhen air taxis

We teased readers yesterday by directing them to a video produced by a leading contender for “air taxi” services in the Greater Bay Area, a Shenzhen-based company called EHang. Today, we were reminded that “urban air mobility” (UAM), once considered the stuff of science fiction, will be launched by Airbus and the Shenzhen city government before the end of this year.

Here you can see how Airbus imagines Shenzhen looking one day in the not-distant future. Blade Runner fans will love it. (On the Airbus website, scroll down to the second video clip.)