Shenzhen’s robotics industry booms

Shenzhen is witnessing a new growth spurt in its robotics industry. According to a report by the city government, robotics enterprises registered in Shenzhen last year jumped 55% to 649, while their output rose 13.81% to RMB117.8 billion. 

The report encompassed robots manufactured for industrial use, service and other related AI fields. The majority of the output value last year came from industrial robots – RMB80.3 billion, up 6.25% – yet service robots saw the biggest jump, up 21.79% to RMB 34 billion. Driving this growth has been investment in artificial intelligence applications in the industry.

Bi Yalei, secretary general of the Shenzhen Robotics Association, said the city had developed a “mature industrial robotics industry”. As the benefits of industrial clusters were becoming more apparent, he said it was notable how certain enterprises had been able to scale up significantly and, in turn, invest more into R&D.

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