Shenzhen turns on 5g in hospital

Shenzhen has become the first city in China to use a 5G network in its healthcare system, switching on the new network this week in the Shenzhen People’s Hospital.

Quoted by the Shenzhen Daily, Qiu Chen, the hospital’s chief, said he was mightily pleased by the demonstration, as he was taken on a “video ward rounds” exercise.

“The high speed, wide connectivity and low latency of the 5G network is the basic guarantee” of its success, Qiu said. Patients were visited, medical examination results were shared, and images examined, followed by discussions among many medical experts – all of whom were doing this via high-resolution video feeds from multiple locations. It was an extraordinary “reality of the scene”, Qiu said.

The test run of the system was made possible by a strategic agreement formed by the hospital with the local unit of China Telecom, focused on areas such as: smart first aid, remote consultation, 5G mobile medical care, and co-construction of a “5G laboratory”.

Further applications will be forthcoming soon, Qiu said, in the construction of a “leading domestic 5G-plus smart medical demonstration hospital.”

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