Shenzhen drives tech parks nationwide

Asset managers and enterprises from Shenzhen have been spearheading the growth of science and technology parks beyond the city, official data shows. At present, there are 210 industrial parks nationwide established by Shenzhen’s state-owned asset managers and enterprises, according to Shenzhen Special Zone Daily. 

One of the main forces behind this expansion, Shum Yip Grop, has introduced a total of 17,275 enterprises into industrial parks across the country. These now include 179 listed companies, 19 of the world’s top 500 enterprises, and 50 incubators and entrepreneurial service institutions. 

Although only 49 are science and technology industrial parks, their construction area (36.862 million square meters) accounts for more than half of the gross. Shenzhen is intending to strengthen its ability to acquire and allocate scientific and technological resources domestically and overseas and built highly-integrated industrial complexes in batches all over the world, the paper says.

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