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Sacked Chinese scientists ‘welcome in Guangzhou’

Guangzhou’s Jinan University has offered to hire two Chinese-American neuroscientists who were sacked by Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, according to SCMP.

Song Xianzhong, president of Jinan University, told a symposium in Hong Kong on Saturday that the college would welcome Li Xiaojiang and his wife, Li Shihua, as well as their research team, if they wanted to return to China. The Lis have already been serving as visiting professors at the university’s Guangdong-HongKong-Macau Institute for CNS Regeneration, since 2017.

Emory University said an investigation showed the two US government-funded scientists had “failed to fully disclose foreign sources of research funding and the extent of their work for research institutions and universities in China”. They were dismissed last week.

“The trade frictions between China and the US are bound to affect talent,” Song said. “We believe [Chinese] universities can hire [academics affected by the conflict] and they can contribute to social and economic development if they decide to come back.”

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