‘Romantic industry’ takes off

Guangzhou’s Conghua has welcomed the establishment of a series of “romantic industry” projects, which the district government hopes will inject new vitality into the more rural part of the city known for its hot springs.

Perhaps the most intriguing of these for prospective newlyweds is a project calling itself the province’s first “one-stop wedding service demonstration base”. Offering venues for both Chinese and Western wedding ceremonies, including group weddings, the complex has a wide range of on-site services available, including photography and marriage registration. It also has post-wedding services, i.e., for honeymoons, which it refers to as “wedding tourism”.

The “romantic economy” apparently has some potential. Other projects nearby are called: Guangzhou Hot Spring Wedding Industrial Park, Changheng Hot Spring Happy World, and Wedding Customs Cultural Museum.

Changheng Hot Spring Happy World says it expects to attract five million people per year after it is fully built out. DY.

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