Panyu sees boom in visitors

This past National Day Golden Week reaffirmed Guangzhou’s Panyu district as the province’s premier tourist zone. From October 1-7, the district, home to the Chimelong Group’s trio of world-class theme parks, received 3.502 million visitors, up 12.2% YoY. They generated tourism revenue of RMB 1.768 billion. up 13.8% YoY.

Just prior to the start of the holidays, Panyu got a welcome boost from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which released a list of 71 National Tourism Demonstration Zones. Panyu was one of only two in the province on the list.

Chimelong didn’t just open its gates and wait for the hordes to arrive for its safari park, water park, and amusement park. It held a series of “National Day Parade” activities as well. Its visitation went up 15% YoY, with headcounts at the Water Park nearly doubling.

The nearby Guangdong Science Center was also a hit, seeing headcounts surge 47% YoY.

Nighttime activities were popular as well. Chimelong’s Grand Circus, with acts from all over the world, together with its Water Park and the Guangzhou Fisherman’s Wharf, accounted for 15.8% of all visitors to Panyu over the holiday period.

Easy access to the province’s biggest railway hub helped. The Guangzhou South Railway Station handled 4.962 million passengers over the holidays, hitting a daily record high of 757,700 on October 1.

According to the statistics of 20 major hotels, 52,800 overnight visitors came to Panyu over the holidays. Their revenues rose by a whopping 63.8% YoY.

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