Nansha leads Guangzhou growth

Guangzhou’s fiercely competitive districts are one reason why the provincial capital was able to remain so resilient in a tough external environment last year. Every year the city publishes its rankings of them, based on GDP, both in absolute terms and growth. In 2019, the southernmost district, Nansha, came out tops in growth but still had some distance to catch Tianhe, according to official data. 

GZ district GDP

Nansha grew its GDP 10.5% to 168.3 billion yuan in 2019, 4 percentage points higher than its growth rate in 2018. Ranking fifth last year, Nansha surpassed four districts to become the fast-developing district in Guangzhou in 2019. Following in its wake were Huangpu, Tianhe and Haizhu, at 8.6%, 8% and 7.6%.

However, Tianhe remains the biggest economy among the 11 districts, at 504.7 billion yuan, although it fell from the top spot in GDP growth, dropping from 9.2% in 2018 to 8%. Huangpu and Yuexiu came in as the second and third largest GDP figures in the city, while Nansha ranked seventh.

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