More Hengqin land for Macau use

Zhuhai is rezoning 1.3 sq km of land in Hengqin from residential to industrial so that more Macau companies can be brought into the island.

The Hengqin New Area, one of Guangdong’s three special economic zones together with Guangzhou’s Nansha and Shanzhen’s Qianhai, covers 106.46 sq km, but more than 70% of it cannot be developed, mostly due to ecological protection restrictions. This has apparently prompted the Zhuhai government recently to revamp the island’s land plan, with an additional 1.3 sq km area being allocated for use by Macau-registered companies.

In March, China’s first office building for “cross-border workers” – staff of Macau companies working in Hengqin – was officially launched. More than 20 companies have settled there, without needing to establish mainland registration. Cross-border bus services were also launched to help the staff commute between Hengqin and Macau.

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