Macau regulator tightens data screws

Macau’s gaming regulator, the DICJ, has decided to tighten up the way the casinos share their data with third parties. Henceforth, the casinos need to apply to the DICJ every time they want to transfer any of their operational data, including the personal data of their customers, to a third party, either inside or outside Macau.

How this is going to work will be interesting to see. The DICJ has apparently made a point of letting everyone know they are not banning the transfer of data, just requiring the casinos to get permission to do it. It is not clear what the DICJ might be worried about, either, as the regulation is broad enough to cover every kind of data related to a casino’s operations.

It is also interesting to see the DICJ specify that this includes third parties inside or outside Macau. The city has theoretically strict data-privacy laws that say no personal data can be transferred outside of Macau, and all data must be kept on servers physically within Macau. 

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