Luohu to build GBA City University

Luohu, the district of Shenzhen where the “economic miracle” began, is not the prettiest part of the city. But it is also not short of dynamism, as any visitor will attest. Hustle and Bustle both grew up here. Now the district wants to improve its street-cred in the tertiary education industry. And so, it has decided to establish a City University for the Greater Bay Area.

According to the Shenzhen Evening News, the new institution will follow the “Many Campuses for One School” mode for its construction. The project will be launched in a collaborative effort with Shenzhen Open University.

Luohu is engaged in a massive upgrade program across its entire school system at the moment. Despite concerns across the city about not having enough places for children of local residents in the public school system, Luohu district officials say this is not happening on their watch. The district has just this year redeveloped two schools, adding 4,300 places for first-graders and 1,749 for seventh-graders. Next it will focus on pre-school education, and plans to open 25 new public kindergartens by the end of the year, more than tripling the current number.

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