Jiangmen to build RMB100b cluster

The government of Jiangmen has set its sights on creating New Energy Vehicle industrial cluster in the city, potentially worth as much as RMB100 bn.

There is a way to go. Last year, the NEV and related equipment industry contributed just RMB17 billion to Jiangmen’s GDP. However, the city government has recently released a new plan to “actively push forward” development of the industry. 

Cash subsidies are on the way for NEV enterprises with a capital investment of RMB2 billion and related equipment manufacturers with an investment of RMB1 billion. 

Jiangmen will have competition. Most cities in the GBA have a liking for the NEV industry. Dongguan is particularly focused on it. In 2017, China’s leading auto manufacturer, Dongfeng Motor, invested RMB4 in Dongguan’s Heshan to build an NEV commercial vehicle base to specifically serve certain industries: e-commerce, supermarkets, postal logistics and special vehicles for municipal sanitation facilities. 

Jiangmen also pledged to ensure all its public transportation would be electric-powered by 2020, and to spread a dense network of charging stations across the city for private cars. 

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