Internet hospitals flourishing in Guangdong

There are now as many as 80 “Internet hospitals” providing online consultation services for residents in Guangdong, according to local media. A number of these are regular hospitals that have set up “fever clinics”, “fever online consultations”, “new coronavirus pneumonia free consultations” and other related services in their WeChat public accounts. The Guangdong Health Commission itself has launched an AI self-screening module in the official WeChat public accounts for “Healthy Guangdong” and “Guangdong Health Information”.  

The official WeChat public account of No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University launched online consultation service in April last year. On January 27, a “fever clinic” was added, offering free consultations. At present, there are more than 30 doctors in the fever clinic, rotating through online and offline shifts. 

Under the current epidemic situation, some hospitals only provide emergency treatment to reduce the symptoms of infection. Lu Huijing, head of the information section of No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University and the leader of Big Data Standard Working Group of Health Care in Guangdong, said that Internet hospitals play a key role in online follow-up work, especially for patients with chronic diseases, who can continue to take prescriptions, which are delivered to the home.

Lu Huijing believes that Internet hospitals need to pay attention to information security and doctor training. Conversations between doctors and patients need to be monitored and uploaded to a regulatory platform. And hospitals need to pay attention to protecting patients’ privacy.

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