Guangzhou to build “e-car city”

Since the Guangzhou government reduced restrictions on vehicle purchases in late May to stimulate consumer spending, the city’s car market has seen a surge in sales of New Energy Vehicles (NEV). Clearly, the government wants demand to be directed toward vehicles that do not pollute its skies. This effort has been further pushed and clarified with the release of a more ambitious plan for the city’s NEV industry.

Two major steps are planned for the development of the city’s “e-car” market. The primary transformation is expected to be realized by 2025 with goals for industrial clusters, NEVs, smart vehicles, and auto parts. The second step is to establish a world-class intelligent automobile cluster where 80% of the production is dedicated to smart NEVs with a complete supply chain. 

Guangzhou has set aside five square kilometers of land for the industrial upgrading of the automobile industry. (We would hazard a guess that this is in the same area of Nansha where property behemoth China Evergrande has established its base for building one million NEVs annually.) 

Needless to say, a fund will be established to support the development of the industry. The government has also crafted supporting policies to encourage innovation, improve core technology, adopt public testing services, enhance industrial standards, train talents, and – this is our favorite – “exhibit the achievements”. 

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