Guangzhou South hub details released

Guangzhou unveiled today a detailed land plan for its new 1 trillion-yuan economic hub around the Guangzhou South Railway Station, with nine railway lines to be connected and a high-rise of 350 meters to be constructed. 

The “South Station Area” is being jointly developed by Guangzhou and Foshan, aimed at attracting companies from Hong Kong and Macau. In developing the “world’s best railway station”, the 36 sq km project will house s population of 335,000 and include 184 public service and municipal transportation facilities. A dozen old villages in the area will be completely renovated.  

The 350-metre “landmark” building will be constructed in front of the station, with facilities including a library and sports ground.  

Guangzhou South Railway Station opened in 2010. As the largest high-speed railway hub in southern China, it has 15 platforms, 28 lines, four high-speed rails, one intercity rail and two subway lines. It has been overwhelmed by demand, its capacity of 250,000 passengers per day proving insufficient, hence the upgrade plan.  

The first “core” of the project will house space for office headquarters. The second is an industry and service group, focusing on the development of AI, biomedical industry (IAB), residential service and the transformation of old villages. The third is a “coordinated development” cluster. 

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