Guangzhou OLED plant fires up

The world’s largest and most advanced production facility for OLED screens opened this week in Guangzhou. Led by Korea’s LG Group, the facility cost RMB46 billion to build and is expected to crank up to annual output of RMB20 billion by 2021.

The new facility is only the most advanced within a cluster of at least 30 upstream and downstream companies that has grown up in the Huangpu district. By 2021, the combined output of this cluster, led by LG, is expected to reach RMB120 billion. Moreover, that is only half of the city’s overall output in the display-panel industry, which is projected to hit RMB250 billion this year.

As the first large-size OLED panel production line established by LG Display overseas, the plant produces 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch panels with 4K ultra-high-definition. CEO Han Sang-Beom said the facility will become the leading force in the global panel industry, and a “strategic base for accelerating the OLED trend.” Local officials are clearly pleased that it will also raise the city’s role as a center of cutting-edge manufacturing in the GBA.

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