Guangzhou Metro: one ticket for Intercity Trains


Guangzhou Metro says passengers will soon be able to use one ticket to travel within its network of four Intercity Railway lines. These include two lines running into Guangzhou North, from Qingyuan and Xintang; and two running into Guangzhou South, from Zhuhai’s Gongbei (and later this year Hengqin), and from Foshan West. The trains travel at speeds of between 160-200 kph.

The network is still being built out and expanded, and Guangzhou Metro says on its Wechat account that it is currently recruiting drivers. “In the near future, the public will be able to take trains among the cities as easily as if they take buses,” said chairman of Guangzhou Metro, Ding Jianlong. He pledged to speed up the construction of the network.