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Guangzhou metro extends to Dongguan, Foshan

Two metro lines in Guangzhou’s Huangpu district have begun construction that will connect the provincial capital to its two closest neighbors, Foshan and Dongguan. The eastward extension of Line 5 will connect first with the Huangpu Ferry Terminal, and from there will go onward Dongguan’s metro line 1. The extension is 9.8 kilometers long with six stations. Trains will run at a slow speed of 90 kph.

Metro line 7, meanwhile, will extend from Guangzhou South Station,toward Foshan’s Shunde district. It is scheduled for completion by next year. Journeys between Shunde’s Midea Avenue and Guangzhou South will take only 20 minutes. That will put Shunde within easier reach of Hong Kong, which has a high-speed railway connection to Guangzhou South from Kowloon West.

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