Guangdong back at nearly 50%

Guangdong’s enterprises are back at work. Or, at least, half-work.

The province’s Department of Human Resources and Social Security said transport methods were being ramped up, with nearly 200 point-to-point special coaches arranged to pick up staff from outside the province, as well as five special inter-provincial trains. As of February 18, the resumption rate of all enterprises in Guangdong was 45.5%, and among 988 key enterprises, it was 49.7%. 

Guangzhou seems to be doing the best. As of February 18, state-owned enterprises in the capital were reporting a 93% resumption rate, with 270,000 staff back at work, about 61% of the total. The Metro has been resuming operations as well, while construction work on new projects is under way again, especially the 11th, 18th, 22nd and 8th Extension lines.

The city’s main CBD area is continuing to report office workers combining online and offline productivity, in order to reduce crowding, with a resumption rate of 95% overall. 

But Guangdong’s firms are also facing a certain labor gap, local media report. There are about 15% of overall jobs that need to be filled urgently, mainly in labor-intensive sectors such as assembly and packaging. Moreover, the resumption rate of enterprises will further increase, so the demand for employees will continue to increase. The provincial Human Resources Department said it will keep a close eye on this and roll out support measures for enterprises accordingly, including online job fairs.

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