Got 5G on your CV? Sign here, please

Moms and dads, forget sending your kids to medical or law school: demand is soaring for workers with skills necessary for the 5G industry.

Seriously, in a way that only a Chinese online-recruitment agency could imagine, data shows just how hot demand is for anyone with experience of 5G networking business. According to BOSS (full kudos for the name), demand for 5G talents in the first five months this year has already reached 60% of the demand seen in the whole of 2018, which is up 38.9% from the same period last year.

Shenzhen ranks second in job-placement for 5G talents, following Beijing.

Around 20 million jobs are expected to be created by China’s leap into the 5G future, which began last week with the rollout of commercial 5G applications via four major carriers. The China Academy of Information and Communication Technology estimates the 5G industry will contribute RMB3 trillion to the economy by 2030. But the going begins now, with the recruitment and training of anyone who can apply themselves to the challenge.

According to BOSS, the average monthly salary from January to May for 5G-related talents was RMB14,110. That is 15.7% more than the average salary and six percentage point higher than last year’s rise. In the past three years, all companies on the BOSS platform have increased their budgets for recruiting 5G talents. However, job-seekers were apparently a bit slow on the uptake, and their asking price was below what the companies were initially prepared to pay.

What exactly the 5G industry is, however, remains to be defined. At the moment, it is highly segmented. The network communication and equipment sector has the largest demand for talents, which is not surprising: there will be 200 million 5G terminals (not just handsets) built by 2022. Communication R&D engineers (43.5%) are most sought after, followed by telecom network engineers (19.9%). Demand for light-transmission engineers and wireless-radio frequency engineers have also increased 80%.

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