GBA ‘talent flows’ report shows mobility

Shenzhen and Guangzhou attract more than 70% of talent flowing into the Greater Bay Area, new research shows, yet it is Zhuhai that manages to retain talent the longest. 

In its latest quarterly review of the employment market, leading online job site points out that the attraction of the two Tier-1 cities is hardly surprising to job-seekers from outside the province, given their size and status. The two cities are also the biggest magnet for university graduates from within the GBA, with Shenzhen attracting 42% of all graduates, while 28% aim for Guangzhou. 

Shenzhen has the region’s most competitive job market with, on average, 51 applicants fighting for each job posting.

Zhuhai, with its laid-back atmosphere and high scores on quality-of-life surveys, has the highest net inflow rate in the GBA, as 2.75% of graduates choose to settle down in the city. It also has the highest percentage of those holding bachelor degrees and above, at 62.35%.

Zhuhai has seen a population growth spurt in recent years, adding 90,000 in 2017 and 126,000 last year. Partly this has been due to attractive incentives, particularly in home ownership. Last year, the Zhuhai government decided that those who qualify for support could receive a 50% subsidy on home purchases by working in the city for 10 years.

Except for Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the other GBA cities have a surplus of job opportunities, with Foshan having the highest demand – 2.28% of job recruitment information is from Foshan, third after the two tier-1 cities.

Among industries targeted by job-seekers, the two most popular are Internet/e-commerce and real estate (including construction and engineering).

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