GBA Briefs: 9/7/2019

New Companies:Guangdong registered 1.09 million new enterprises in the first half of this year, taking the total up by 8% to 11.88 million. Read more.

Disabled Subsidies:Shenzhen is offering up to RMB100,000 in subsidies for start-ups initiated by the disabled and up to RMB200,000 for outstanding projects aiming to support employment for the disabled. Read more.

Green Credits:The number of Shenzhen residents applying for “green credits” – which are earned by not using their fuel-driven cars – has shot up this year. More than 850,000 applications were submitted in the first half, up 142% YoY. Read more.

Housing Boom:Shenzhen’s Guangming district is expected to build more than 40,000 sets of social housing with a gross floor area of around 3 million sqm, including around two-thirds of the area dedicated for talent. Read more.

Healthcare Reforms:Guangdong’s Health Commission is exploring the integration of the GBA’s healthcare system, including cross-border reimbursement with the two SARs. Read more .

Huawei Patents:Huawei Technologies registered 2,314 patents in the first half of this year, ranking first among all mainland-registered firms. Read more.

WePayout:Tencent Holdings has offered 34.2 million new shares to 23,271 employees, nearly 42% of its staff. The total value of the offering is HK$12 billion, the firm said. Read more.

Allianz AI: Allianz Global Investors, one of the largest asset managers in Europe, plans to partner with start-ups in Hong Kong to expand use of AI in its Asian operations. Read more.

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