GBA Briefs: 5/7/2020

Trains down: Guangzhou South Railway Station, Guangdong’s hub for arrivals from outside the province, saw traffic recover to around one-third of last year’s Labor Day holiday. Around 1.38 million passengers arrived and departed from the station over the May 1-5 period, a decrease of 2.247 million or 62% YoY. The highest passenger flow was May 1st, reaching 365,000. DY.

Cathay downsizing: Cathay Pacific is looking at “structural change” as it investigates how to downscale its business in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. This includes scenarios that could reduce staff headcount, routes served and planes flown, as well as the possible consolidation of its airline brands. “No firm direction has yet been set,” the company emphasised. SCMP.

Connections surge: The average daily turnover of the stock and bond connect programs linking the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong increased sharply in the past few months despite market volatilities fueled by the coronavirus pandemic, Eddie Yue Wai-man, chief executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, said at an online roundtable organized by Caixin last month. Caixin.

Fund grows: Guangdong has more than 200 million people registered in its Provident Housing Fund, which swelled by 13% last year as 256 billion yuan of deposits brought the total to 1.7 trillion yuan, first in the country. SCN.

Divorces up: The number of divorces has shot up in Shenzhen since the coronavirus lockdown was lifted: in April, there were nearly as many divorces as marriages registered in the city, up from a 1:3 ratio prior to the outbreak. But not everyone is buying that it was the home quarantines to blame. There also appear to be two other factors at work: the imminent passage of legislation requiring couples to have a “cooling off period” before being divorced, and recent changes in luxury-home taxes that have spurred divorces for purely practical reasons. SCN.

Driverless line: Work on Shenzhen’s Metro Line 14 has reached a critical stage, and it has been disclosed that the entire line will run on automated, driverless systems when it opens in 2022. It will be the main line to connect the eastern and western sides of Shenzhen, from Futian to Pingshen, passing through Luohu and Longgang along the way, totalling 50.34 km with 17 stations. The maximum design speed is 120 km/h. SZN.

HZMB bus resumes: The HZMB shuttle bus service, which has been suspended for the past month, will resume limited service, starting tomorrow: from 10.30am to 8.10pm, buses will run between the two sides of the bridge, roughly every two hours. HZMB.

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