GBA Briefs: 5/11/2020

Back to school, II: After 1.87 million senior high school students resumed classes across Guangdong two weeks ago, it was the turn of 5.5 million elementary and secondary pupils to return today. They were faced by screening checks and disinfectant spray-downs at every turn. SCN.

Asymptomatic cases: As of today, Guangdong has tested more than 3.6 million people for the coronavirus, with only 398 showing up as asymptomatic. Testing continues among public transport workers, teachers, and a wide range of other professions. SCN.

HK, MO, GD talks: Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has said officials are in discussions with Guangdong and Macau about allowing residents of the three places to be exempted from 14-day quarantines. The first to be exempted would be those with specific reasons to travel, and who had taken a virus test. SCMP.

Macau eases: Macau announced over the weekend that around 20,000 non-resident workers living in Guangdong would be able to cross the border again, as long as they have been certified and have proof of a negative coronavirus test. MN.

Design school tender: A tender will be launched soon for the design and construction of the Shenzhen Innovation and Creative Design Institute, expected to become one of the city’s top 10 cultural landmarks. The campus will be built around 3.5 km from the Bao’an International Airport, on land of around 365,000 sqm. It will have five undergraduate majors: industrial design, fashion design, media art and science, urban and interior environment design, and human-computer interaction design. SZN.

Music school, too: Another of Shenzhen’s top 10 cultural landmarks begins construction this year: the Shenzhen Conservatory of Music is earmarked to begin construction in August, and a tender is about to be launched for its design. It will be located in the International University Park of Longgang District, close to the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) campus. The total land area of ​​the project is approximately 73,800 sqm, and it is expected to cost 1.75 billion yuan to build. SZN.

Toilets sparkle: Shenzhen’s three-year campaign to revolutionize its public toilets has come to an end: 338 new facilities were built, while 2,062 were renovated. Local media credit the campaign with having set lofty goals and maintained high standards. SZN.

Exhibitions restart: Now that the city’s infectious danger level has been reduced, Guangzhou’s exhibition and convention industry is starting to gradually revive. Over May and June, small-scale events are expected to restart, and by July, if all goes well, the large-scale exhibitions are expected to resume. The Autumn round of the Canton Fair is expected to be held as scheduled in October. DY.

New rental housing: Guangzhou is about to launch an ambitious subsidized rental-housing project for new arrivals to the city. The municipal government yesterday signed a 50 billion yuan agreement with China Construction Bank to support the building of 150,000 new apartments over the next three years. DY.

PBOC steps up: The People’s Bank of China said it will resort to “more powerful” policies to counter unprecedented economic challenges from the coronavirus pandemic, without giving further details on what measures it will use. The announcement boosted regional stocks today. Bloomberg.

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