GBA Briefs: 4/14/2020

  • Shenzhen has slipped into deflation, with prices falling 1.5% in March over February. Overall, food prices fell -4.3%, non-food -0.7%, services -0.9%, and consumer products -1.9%. SZN.
  • Shenzhen’s red-hot property market has attracted attention from district governments, which are now warning against middlemen charging illegal “tea-drinking fees”, i.e. to get investors higher up on the waiting list for popular developments. Sales transactions continue to rebound from the lockdown of February and early March. Leju.

  • Hong Kong’s civil servants are battling a modern challenge with outdated technology, as more than half of the 180,000-strong workforce really has no option but to show up in the office. SCMP.
  • Some Hong Kong travel agencies are opening bookings for mainland tours again after a hiatus of two months. SCMP.

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