GBA Briefs: 28/6/2019

Huawei Wants Talent:Huawei’s founder Ren Zhenfei said in an email to all the company’s staff that Huawei will recruit 20-30 “genius youth” from around the world this year. The number will be increased to 200-300 next year. “These geniuses will be like pond loaches to dive into our organization and activate our teams,” he said. Read more. 

Foshan Beckons:Foshan is getting in on the game of attracting Hong Kong and Macau youth, setting up its Sanlongwan Innovation Zone which will provide supporting services as well as subsidies for young people from the two SARs. Read more

Zhaoqing Jumps:Zhaoqing’s exports jumped 10.7% to RMB9.63 billion in the first five months, led by mechanical and electrical products, which accounted for 37.1% of the total. Read more

DCH Delivers:Hong Kong’s Dah Chong Hong Holdings has launched a logistics center in Hengqin’s Guangdong-Macau Cooperation Industrial Park with an investment of RMB250 million. Read more

Hydrogen Trucks:Foshan FEiCHi Bus company has delivered 100 hydrogen fuel logistic vehicles to Shenzhen, adding to the last 70-unit delivery at the end of last year. Read more

CLP Awakes: CLP Holdings, one of two major electricity providers in Hong Kong, is working with start-ups to bring itself and its customers into the digital era. Read more. 

HK IPO Arrests: Hong Kong’s securities regulator and anti-graft agency have arrested a former executive of the Hong Kong bourse’s initial public offering vetting team and two of his associates for suspected misconduct of helping over 30 unqualified applicants to go public. Read more. 

E-Smokes Out:Shenzhen has added e-cigarettes to its smoking control list, further tightening the smoking ban in public places including bus platforms and waiting areas in public institutions. Read more. 

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