GBA Briefs: 2/8/2019

Guangdong Grant:Guangdong is offering grants of up to RMB1 million to post-doctoral research students. Eligible applicants include those from the world’s Top 200 higher education institutions. Read more.

Shenzhen Airport: Shenzhen Airport has launched the country’s first “one card pass” for domestic flights. This means those who purchased their flight tickets with a second-generation Chinese ID card can use it to check in and board the flight without the need for a paper-based boarding pass. Read more.

Shenzhen Education:Shenzhen allocated a budget of RMB17.4 billion for higher education this year, representing an annual growth of 20%, second only to Beijing and Shanghai. Read more. 

HK Visitors:According to data released by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, nearly 35 million people visited the city in the first half of the year, including27 million mainlanders, who were up 16.4% YoY. Wonder what these numbers will look like in the second half since the protests began. Read more. 

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