GBA Briefs: 12/3/2020

Canton Fair goes on: Despite the outbreak, China will push ahead with its largest trade expo, the Canton Fair, whose spring session is expected to run from mid-April to early May in Guangzhou, in an effort to “stabilise” foreign trade, Premier Li Keqiang said today. SCMP.

Guangdong’s population: Guangdong brought in 1.75 million people last year, with the largest share going to Guangzhou and Shenzhen as they rose to official population counts of 15 million and 13 million, respectively. Dongguan and Foshan both have over 8 million official residents.

Guangzhou’s 51: Guangzhou has no fewer than 51 transportation projects listed among the province’s key projects in 2020. They include one airport, 11 railways, 14 highways, and 11 metro projects. All are listed here, in detail:

Fintech cluster: Among Shenzhen’s ten industrial parks in the Futian district, the one that stands out is the Futian Fintech Park, a building that has already attracted 90 of the best and brightest of its fintech industry.

Green Metro: After issuing the country’s first anti-virus bond in February, Shenzhen Metro Group has issued 1.5 billion yuan of “green bonds”, a fixed-income instrument to fund climate and environmental projects.

Real-estate boost: Shenzhen has rolled out nine measures in a bid to boost the resumption of operation of the city’s real estate companies, including approval of offline transactions and waiving deposit requirements on newly-opened projects. Chinanews.

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