GBA Briefs: 1/13/2020

Cut mainland quotas? A third-generation property scion, Adam Kwok of Sun Hung Kai, has suggested that the annual quota of mainlanders settling in Hong Kong be reduced, in order to ease tensions. Read more on SCMP.

Tencent’s stealth plan: The Shenzhen-based internet giant has not been generating anywhere near the controversy that Huawei has in its overseas operations. Technode explains why. Read more. 

New GBA boss? Luo Huining, the new head of the Central Government Liaison Office in Hong Kong, has already popped across the border for tea with provincial leaders to discuss the GBA and how Hong Kong can be better integrated. Read more on SCMP.

Fintech shot fired: Hong Kong’s first virtual bank to go live (sort of), backed by the mighty Zhong An insurance group, is offering mouth-watering interest rates of 6% on some deposits. Read more on SCMP.

Shenzhen bonds coming: Shenzhen is considering offering local-government bonds in Hong Kong and Macau. Read more on SCMP.

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