GBA Briefs: 09/10/2019

Golden Week woes: Hong Kong lost HK$2.8bn over the recent National Day holiday period, according to according to local analysts and business leaders quoted by SCMP. Read more.

Senseless: Hong Kong-based AI unicorn Sensetime is in danger of losing a precious relationship with MIT, the world’s premier tech university, due to its landing on the US Entity List, SCMP reports. Read more.

Megvii may lose Goldmans: Another AI unicorn that had been hoping to list in Hong Kong, Megvii, might lose its sponsor, Goldman Sachs, for the same reason, Caixin reports. Read more.

Contrasting Views: Washington-based academics like David Meyer think Hong Kong is irreplaceable as a financial center and that Beijing backs it to the hilt. Jamil Anderlini of the FT, on the other hand, believes “Beijing will have its revenge on Hong Kong”. Read them on SCMP and FT.

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