Dragon Boat boom for GBA

The Dragon Boat Festival over the long weekend was good to the Greater Bay Area. Guangdong welcomed 20 million visitors, up 6% YoY, and they spent RMB8.48 billion, up 8% YoY.

According to local media, cultural and historical attractions were a big drawcard this year. They cited some examples: the Guangdong Museum received about 32,000 visitors; the Zhongshan Library received nearly 27,000 readers; and the Guangdong Museum of Art received about 20,000 visitors. The biggest was the Guangzhou Municipal Museum, which provided 95 exhibitions for the public, receiving about 50,000 visitors.

The US-China trade war, meanwhile, is possibly generating some side-benefits for the tourism industry: the Opium War Museum in Humen, Dongguan, had a total of 180,000 visitors.

Popular outdoor spots were packed, too. Among them, picking pineapples in Zhanjiang, lychees in Lianjiangliang, and mangoes in Leizhou, were the favorites, while beaches were jammed, despite the hot weather.

The province received a total of one travel complaint, which has been “followed up and properly handled”.