Dongguan Metro Line 1 extension line set to start

Dongguan’s Metro Line 1 extension project has begun work. The crucial project, which passes through Dalang, Huangjiang, Zhangmutou, and Tangxia, will link the city’s towns and townships more closely with Shenzhen and will also bring the Songshan Lake high-tech district into the urban transport network.

The first phase of the project will cost 17.499 billion yuan. Running entirely underground, the 25.56km line will have 10 stations, including 1 in Dalang, 2 in Huangjiang, 3 in Zhangmutou, and 4 in Tangxia, with an average station spacing of 2.84 km.

One of the most important reasons for speeding up the extension line’s construction is to connect the city’s key zones to the Dongguan South Railway Station, which will connect to the Ganzhou-Shenzhen high-speed railway next year.

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 7.07.51 PM

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