Dongguan cross-border e-commerce keeps surging

Dongguan’s cross-border e-commerce industry continues to accelerate, with its key bonded logistics centre in Shatian seeing exponential growth, according to local media. Located inside the Binhaiwan Bay Area, one of the ten cores of the GBA masterplan’s Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, the center has recorded 1.6 million packages delivered for the year ended November 30, almost six times the total volume of last year. 

It is not only happening in Shatian. Since Dongguan was designated a national-level pilot zone for the cross-border e-commerce industry last July, a number of bonded logistics centres, which are duty-free, have been opened in Qingxi, Humen, and Fenggang town. Humen’s is a national-level zone.

With imported goods entering the bonded parks via “fast track” channels, without customs declaration, processing times have been sharply shortened, said Huang Guohua, deputy director of Shatian’s customs, as quoted by local media.

According to official data, total cross-border e-commerce trade in Dongguan hit 37.01 billion yuan last year, up 133% YoY. The number for the first nine months this year totalled 29 billion, retaining the top spot across the country.

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