Dongguan builds new zone in Tangxia

Dongguan has begun construction of an interesting new mixed-use development close to its border with Shenzhen. The Shitanpu Science and Technology Industry New Town is an urban renovation project gathering traditional and emerging industries, with housing and related supporting facilities, in Tangxia.

DG Map 2.jpgThe project is not far from Songshan Lake, Dongguan’s high-tech district, but it is closer to neighboring Shenzhen, which seems to be key. As local media report, it will absorb spillover of high-end industries, population, and “innovative resources” from Shenzhen to form an “industrial-urban integration zone”. 

DG photo

Currently a collection of old factory buildings and villages, the project plans to reconstruct an area of 440,500 sqm, generating 1,485,100 sqm of floorspace once it is completed. Traditional industries will cover 722,000 sqm, new industries 175,800 sqm, and residential buildings 587,300 sqm. 

At the same time, the park plans to build primary schools, community parks, sports parks, fire stations, and bus stations, not to mention 18,891 sqm of “ecological restoration”.

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