Daya Bay to build AI industrial park

Huizhou’s city government is stepping up to the plate on artificial intelligence, establishing a new special industrial park in the Daya Bay district devoted to development of AI-related technologies. Yet it is doing this with a twist: the park is not for its own use, but to facilitate cooperation between neighboring Shenzhen and Hong Kong across a range of applications.

Situated along the coastline and bordering Shenzhen’s Dapeng district, Daya Bay is home to one of Huizhou’s key industrial development clusters in the petrochemicals industry. US-based multinational oil giant Exxon has a base here. The area has room to expand, and Huizhou has decided to use it for industrial upgrading.

The new AI park will cover a total planned area of about 10.8 sqkm in the western part of Daya Bay. Although the park is in the early stages of development, it is expected that priority will be given to the smart manufacturing and smart energy industries.

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