Coronavirus update: Two deaths added in Guangdong, HK

Guangdong has kept the past weekend free of new infections, after reporting one new COVID-19 case from Shenzhen on Friday, bringing the total to 1,352 confirmed cases. Most have recovered, with another 51 patients discharged since Friday, leaving only 84 under treatment in the province, according to the Guangdong Health Commission.

Hong Kong, on the other hand, has reported as many as 10 new cases since Friday, taking the city’s total to 115. Nevertheless, recoveries have also surged, to 59, leaving 53 under treatment, according to the Centre for Health Protection.

Two deaths were added during the weekend, a 76-year-old woman with diabetes in Hong Kong and a 64-year-old man with kidney failure in Shenzhen, respectively, bring GBA’s total death toll to 11.

Hubei, epicentre of the outbreak, has reported 151 new cases since Friday, adding 71, 41 and 36 on each day, respectively, taking the total to 67,743. The death toll rose to 3,007, with 21 new deaths added yesterday, down six from the previous day’s 27, according to the Hubei Health Commission.

The nationwide number of new infections outside Hubei was four yesterday, up one from the previous day’s three. Of the total 80,735 confirmed cases, over 70% have left hospital, with 1,535 discharged on Sunday alone, according to the National Health Commission.

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1. Government advisers and medical experts are suggesting the Hong Kong government impose travel restrictions on visitors from the coronavirus-hit regions across the globe, including Italy and India. SCMP. Macau has already decided to do so for Germany, France, Spain and Japan. GOV.MO

2. The COVID-19 epidemic will not end this year as the coronavirus is spreading worldwide, causing concerns about reversed importation in the southern hemisphere’s winter, said HKU’s microbiology professor Yuen Kwok-yung. SCMP.

3. A hotel functioning as a quarantine facility for close contacts of COVID-19 patients in the Quanzhou city of southern F ujian province collapsed on Saturday, causing 11 people dead and another 23 still trapped in the debris. Reasons for the incident remain unclear. Caixin.

4. Shenzhen’s State Taxation Administration has announced it will waive three months of real estate tax and land use tax for local enterprises, adding up to 1.5 billion yuan of tax reduction for 45,300 households, in a further bid to ease the financial impact of the outbreak. Southern Metropolis Daily.

5. Of Guangzhou’s 11 districts, only Nansha, Zengcheng and Conghua have been rated “low-level risk”, while the eight others remain on “medium-level risk”. Guangzhou Daily.

6. Guangdong will open five new international routes in its Nansha (Guangzhou) and Dongguan ports, linking South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand, in an urgent effort to facilitate the transportation of medical resources and daily supplies amid the outbreak. Guangzhou Daily.

7. Shenzhen’s major projects being worked on by state-owned enterprises, including the Metro, airport, highways, industrial parks and public housing, have reached a 91.9% resumption rate as of Friday, adding 7,000 workers back to work on 17 projects over the past week.

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