Coronavirus update: Recoveries climb in Guangdong, HK

Guangdong reported one new COVID-19 case from Guangzhou today, bringing the total to 1,351 confirmed cases. Most have recovered, with another 50 patients discharged on Thursday, up 20 from the previous day’s 30, leaving only 135 under treatment in the province, according to the Guangdong Health Commission.

No new cases were added in Hong Kong on Thursday, keeping the city’s total at 105. Three recoveries were added, leaving 59 under treatment, according to the Centre for Health Protection. The death toll in the GBA remains at nine.

Hubei, epicentre of the outbreak, reported 126 new cases, all from Wuhan, down eight from the previous day’s 134, taking the total to 67,592. The death toll rose to 2,931, with 29 new deaths added, down two from the previous day’s 31, according to the Hubei Health Commission.

The nationwide number of new infections outside Hubei was 17 yesterday, up 12 from the previous day’s five. Of the total 80,552 confirmed cases, around 67% have left hospital, with 1,681 discharged on Thursday alone, according to the National Health Commission.

Related news:

1. SCMP reports that a research team studying samples of COVID-19 infections in Shenzhen has found that children under the age of 10 are just as likely as the general population to be infected (even though none have died). However, the report, which has been “pre-published”, has not yet been peer-reviewed. Medrxiv.

2. An article from a Harvard Medical School expert has pointed out that responses to the coronavirus have been mostly in the wrong places (schools instead of nursing homes, planes instead of hospitals) and that a study of the Diamond Princess shows the actual global case fatality rate is likely to be under 1%. Slate

3. A senior Chinese researcher says there could be no more infections outside of the Hubei epicenter by mid-March (i.e. a week from now). However, the death of a 36-year-old after release in Wuhan is troubling. SCMP

4. Hong Kong is racing to find the close contacts of a 69-year-old confirmed case, who had reportedly visited at least 12 locations in the city including Wan Chai, Sheung Wan and Causeway Bay after returning the city from India on February. SCMP.

5. A court in Shenzhen has sentenced three to prison for selling contaminated face masks to the city’s residents and defrauding buyers of thousands of yuan.

6. Shenzhen’s measures to provide financial support to virus-hit companies, released in early February, would lead to a total of 20 billion yuan of social security fee reduction for over 700,000 enterprises in the city.

7. The likelihood of China meeting the purchasing goals under its agreement with the US and increasing US imports this year is “somewhere between zero and zero,” said Scott Kennedy, a senior adviser and trustee chair in Chinese business and economics at CSIS. SCMP

8. A total of 160,000 people have seen a doctor online during the coronavirus outbreak, after Shenzhen’s health authorities launched a platform in early February that enables 28 hospitals in the city to provide online consultation services.

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