11/12 GBA briefs:

Tencent eyes the sky: Tencent is working with three other tech companies to launch an earth-observation network comprising some 300 reconnaissance satellites that can provide remote-imaging services for government agencies, research institutions and tech companies. Service from the platform, called WeEarth, can be applied to various areas such as agriculture, marine and environmental protection, according to the internet titan’s cloud computing service Tencent Cloud. Read more on Yicai. 

Oppo gets smarterDongguan-based smartphone marker Oppo has launched a series of hardware products including smart watches, earphones, augmented reality glasses and customer premises equipment, in its annual exhibition in Shenzhen on Tuesday. With the company’s founder and CEO Chen Mingyong announcing a planned investment of 50 billion yuan over the next three years on advanced technologies including 5G, AI and augmented reality, the third largest smartphone maker in China marked its expansion to the field of smart hardware. Read more on Caixin. 

HZMB wins national prize: The Zhuhai part of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge on Tuesday won the Luban prize, regarded as the highest-level prize in China’s construction industry awarded to high-quality projects. The Zhuhai Port, built on the artificial land by home appliance giant Gree’s real estate business, was the only award winner under the category of port projects. Read more in Chinese.  

Zhuhai 5G construction: China Mobile will work to upgrade a science and technology park, jointly built by Tsinghua University and Zhuhai government, to a “5G smart park” where more than 100 tech companies in the park will be supported with advanced technology including AI, blockchain, cloud computing and IoT based on 5g network. Read more in Chinese.  

Futian upgrading plan: Shenzhen’s Futian district has big plans for upgrading into a centre of finance, science and technology, culture and education, and modern services. Read more in Chinese.  

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