Songshan Lake grows 11% in 2019

Dongguan’s premier tech district, clustered around Songshan Lake and anchored by Huawei’s massive R&D center, put in a sterling performance in 2019, growing 11% YoY, according to local media.

Without giving a number in yuan, the report said Songshan Lake will generate tax revenue of about 16.3 billion yuan, ranking first in Dongguan. Fixed-asset investment of about 23 billion yuan and industrial output of 540 billion yuan were also first in the municipality. Advanced manufacturing and high-tech manufacturing accounted for more than 90% of that output.

Songshan Lake is one of the province’s four “Science Cities”. Its collaboration with one of the others – Shenzhen’s Guangming Science City – is aimed at building the province’s first National Science Center, with the Spallation Neutron Source, one of only four neutron colliders in the world, as its centerpiece. The lab has undertaken 124 research projects, local officials said, while construction has begun on two related major projects, the Southern Advanced Light Source Research and Test Platform, and the Songshan Lake Material Laboratory (Phase 1). The Materials Laboratory has already established 18 scientific research teams, while its Space Materials Science and Applied Research Center was officially unveiled, and three scientific research results were produced. 

More progress is expected in 2020, officials said. The district’s national high-tech zone ranking is expected to rise to 21, with 311 high-tech companies, six new national-level incubators, two new provincial-level R&D institutions, and a total of 99,000 “talents” introduced.

The district’s officials were keen to point out the quality of the talent it had attracted, not only the quantity. They include top scientists such as academicians Zhao Zhongxian, Wang Enge and Wang Weihua, while three others, Fang Zhong, Tang Chao, and Shao Xinyu, have been newly elected as academicians (members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), bringing their total in the district to 30. 

Particular attention was paid to the highlights of the Huawei Developer Conference, which was held in Songshan Lake in August, 2019. The company’s new Hongmeng operating system was released here, attracting more than 1,500 Huawei partners and more than 6,000 global developers to participate in the conference.

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