Huawei to expand Dongguan campus

Huawei Technologies, which already has a massive R&D campus in Dongguan’s Songshan Lake district, is planning to expand its footprint in the high-tech zone and build a smart manufacturing operation.

Huawei’s application for the land conversion in the southeastern area of the zone was approved on Monday this week, according to local media. The plot covers 806 hectares and includes a parcel already earmarked by Huawei for its so-called Huawei Taiwan Park. After adjustment, the area will be integrated into a larger plot designed to build a smart manufacturing base.

The base will have a number of supporting facilities, like the rest of the Ox Horn campus, including residential, commercial, a school, and a park. It will mostly house manufacturing-related staff, and is designed for 40,300 people living and working in the area. 

The city government is now working on integrating the new plot into its masterplan for traffic, as highways are being built through the district and the Intercity Railway will eventually pass through here as well.

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