Hengqin breaches the Great Firewall

Hengqin’s moment in the spotlight is coming. Its massive new railway station is around three months from opening, but already the special economic zone opposite Macau’s Cotai district is gearing up to play a leading role on the Greater Bay Area’s main stage: This week it rolled out China’s first experiment with a city internet network that sits outside the Great Firewall.

Built by the Zhuhai Branch of China Mobile Guangdong, the Hengqin New Area now has an “international” internet infrastructure. Companies that plug into this network will enjoy significantly faster cross-border data transmission speeds, with buffering down from 70ms to 14ms, thereby increasing its efficiency by 80%.

A spokesperson for the company explained that the new “internet highway” connects directly with the international data links of China’s largest commercial internet service provider, ChinaNet. “This has greatly reduced network delay times, which is vital for international financial services, cross-border e-commerce and other industries,” he said. 

Data traffic within the network will also be effectively separated from other traffic behind the Great Firewall. This has greatly improved its safety, as when an individual node on the public network is attacked by a hacker or a network virus, it will not spread to the dedicated channel.

The network will even cover the Zhuhai-Macau Cross-border Industrial Park.

Moreover, it has been suggested that the special “information highway” may be expanded to the rest of the Greater Bay Area. What for? To meet relevant enterprises’ development needs, facilitate industrial transformation and upgrading, and support the construction of Belt and Road Initiative projects, of course.

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