Coronavirus update: Getting back to normal

Guangdong has managed to keep its new infection figure at just 10 this week, according to the Guangdong Health Commission. It has also maintained a steady rate of discharges, with 45 leaving hospital on Thursday. Of the total number of infections recorded in the province since the outbreak began is 1,333, nearly half, or 664, have been discharged. 

In Hong Kong, three new cases were confirmed today. However, five out of the 68 total confirmed cases have been discharged.

Macau has had no new confirmed cases for more than two weeks, with its casinos reopening on Thursday.

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  1. Hubei, epicentre of the outbreak, saw the number of new infections surge again to 631 yesterday, bringing the total to 62,662, but this was primarily because two of its prisons reported 220 prisoners infected. The death toll rose to 2,144, with 115 new deaths added, up 7 from the previously reported 108 daily increase, according to Hubei Health Commission. 
  2. The nationwide number of new infections outside Hubei climbed to 258, more than five times as high as the previous day. But this was also because of prisons – in Zhejiang and Shandong provinces – which reported over 200 infections. 
  3. As the epidemic weakens and workers get back to work in Guangdong, the authorities have started to shut down the numerous checkpoints which had been set up across the province’s transport network, which were used to conduct temperature checks and spot Hubei returnees. Nanfang Daily.
  4. GBA cities have seen the largest inflows of people in the country during the past week, with Dongguan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou taking up the top three spots, accounting for over 10% of the country’s total arrivals in the period. 21 Century Business Herald.
  5. Many farmers across the country are unable to access animal feed due to lockdowns, leading to fears for the future of the meat supply chain. Further rises in inflation are expected. SCMP.
  6. Hong Kong’s No. 2 official has apologized for remarks he made earlier that the outbreak was “under control”, while lawmakers are grilling the government on the details of its HK$30bn proposed spending package. SCMP.
  7. All 10 of the foreign nationals who contracted COVID-19 in Guangdong had been discharged as of Wednesday, according to Guangdong’s Foreign Affairs Office. Nanfang Daily.
  8. China’s cutting-edge technologies have seen wide applications amid the coronavirus outbreak, with 5G devices testing body temperatures at the checkpoints, robots delivering food and medication in the hospitals, and AI programs making phone calls to conduct epidemiological surveys. Nanfang Daily.
  9. Privately owned enterprises in Guangdong have donated a total of five billion yuan in cash and supplies, which tops the country, by sending hundreds of thousands of face masks and protective suits to Hubei, in a bid to help relieve the shortage of supplies in local hospitals. Nanfang Daily.

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