Zhongshan exports rise 11.9%

Zhongshan has come in a close second behind Dongguan for growth of exports in the first four months of the year. At RMB61.92 billion, exports were up 11.9% YoY, driven by private enterprises.

Imports, however, were down 10.2% YoY at 15.29 billion yuan.

Overall trade by foreign-invested enterprises was down 1.2% to RMB44.63 billion yuan, while that of private enterprises was up 24% at RMB28.3 billion. State-owned enterprises were down 2.2% to RMB4.27 billion.

Mechanical and electrical products still dominated, rising 10.3% and accounting for 73.4% of total exports. Traditional labor-intensive products such as furniture, toys, luggage, shoes, plastic products, textiles, clothing, etc., rose 17.7%. Lamps, lighting fixtures and parts were 2.69 billion yuan, an increase of 35.3%.