Yantian Port plans ‘Ice and Snow’ project

Shenzhen’s eastern port of Yantian is undergoing a major upgrade in the coming few years that will see a new industrial district spring up around it. It will include logistics and industrial parks showcasing innovative ideas, with some combining trade and tourism.

Much like the old shipping neighborhoods in western cities that turned themselves into food and tourism attractions, such as Chelsea Market in New York, the new development plan for Yantian envisages building facilities that can be both practical for industrial use and attract visitors who will splash out for an authentic experience.

According to local media, the government’s plan is to form two clusters around the port. One is a “modern logistics industry”, while the other is an “innovative industry”. The innovative-industry cluster includes plans for a special industrial park known as “Ice and Snow”. This is where a “food supply experiential center” is being built to showcase the various types of food being imported into Shenzhen, through the port, from 16 central and eastern European countries.

Yes, that’s right, this center will not only let visitors watch the process of bringing the food off the ships, processing and packaging it in a warehouse, and loading it onto delivery trucks, but also eat it.

The Food Supply Experiential Center will include five stations. At the first, guests will take part in an interactive production process. At the second, they will show how to prepare the food for display. At the third, they will be taught about the “consumption experience”. At the fourth, they will hear stories of food culture. And finally, once their digestive juices are flooding, they will arrive at the “guaranteed food consumption” station.

That’s not all. Next door will be the “Ice and Snow World”, where they can work off the meal. The park will have three floors and consists of ski ramps and skating rinks.

Developed by Shenzhen Baohui Logistics, the project covers an area of 37,000 sqm, with a construction area of 98,000 sqm. It will open at the end of next year.

Naturally, the project will have a residential housing component, with 220 units for sale.

The project is well located at the intersection of Yantian expressway and Shenyan road. By mid-2020, it will be right next to a Metro station, as the extension of Line 8 will come through the district.

Over the next decade, the government envisages Yantian being an “innovative and ecological city” with leading industries based here in a green and low-carbon environment.

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